Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Weekend madness...

So the weekend is over and it went by so fast...time spent with a special person...memories made and the warmth of the autumnal sun shone down on us... I managed to catch up with some knitting before the airport run...cute little booties for a new arrival (I have no idea if its going to be a girl or a boy so I will be knitting a blue pair as well).
A quick little beanie hat for the change in the seasons, made with super soft yarn, in a delicate shade of green.  Once the knitting fix was sorted I headed to the airport with my excited children to pick up my friend, she arrived bedraggled through customs (minus her luggage which went astray) after five flights and travelling two days she was seriously tired.   Over our weekend we spent so much time chatting, catching up on news and solving the worlds problems, we ate too much cake, I have renewed my love of jam donuts!!!
Lots of retail therapy...
With the clear signs all around us now that Autumn is on its way, we walked through the park, content after our shopping spree, the littlest one enjoyed an ice cream we sat in the park and did I mention we chatted... My poor friend got to see more of the area than planned with a little impromptu trip to A and E (hospital) as my scar from my stitches on my leg went 'POP' and reopened, time spent in an emergency waiting room was not really part of the plan, but these things are sent to try us.
A return trip to the airport leaves me alone again, but she will be returning in two weeks as she flies back out.  Time to do a little sewing and catch up. 

Mom update...
Now this is the last time I want to mention this as it really must be a bore to read... The situation with my Mom is ongoing...  we talked after she received my card with no mention in the conversation about it (other than she had got it) and that we would speak once my friend had left.  This morning I awoke up a glorious morning and thought today is the day to chill out a little and do some fun stuff... I started the day off with a call to my Mom, full of good intention, an offer of a weekend at our caravan and also to arrange for the boys and I to go over for tea next week.  What can I say, again she put the phone down on me, I tried to be more assertive this time and try and point out that I was hurting too... She has finally made it clear she does not want to come away with us, and I will go and see her next week so she sees the children.  As for me well I have to accept the situation and make the best of it, I guess I want ever be the daughter she wished for but despite this she's my Mom and I love her.


Tracy said...

HI, Suzie...I'm sad to learn the strife between you and your mom continues. In time I so much hope tensions will ease, for all your sakes. At least a start is happening, that you will go over with the children. Our parents are our parents and we love them, respect them for who they are. We can only try to keep up that respect, and hope they will respect us children in turn. Family life is not always smooth-sailing...We are only responsible for our own actions. You are making good on your intentions, and that is a start there too. On lighter note, LOVE all your knitting! Those booties are adorble! Is that your own pattern, or one you found? May such crafting bring your comfort and solace as you ride the rough waves...((HUGS))

Kitty said...

Gorgeous baby bootees - and the hat is fabulous.

As for your mum ... well, we all are what we are I guess. Like you say, she's your mum and you love her. Doesn't stop it hurting sometimes though, does it? (((S)))

You take care of yourself. x

Sal said...

Hi Suzie..thanks for your messages on my blog.
Sorry to hear about your mum.
I do hope it all comes right for you soon. Huge hugs xxx ;-)

Lesley said...

I'm so behind on reading blogs that I missed your previous posts. I'm so sorry to hear of the situation with your Mum. It must be very hard to deal with and I do hope it gets better soon.

Your weekend with your friend sounds like the perfect antedote and must have done you the world of good.

Your knitting is beautiful - I love those little booties :)


French Knots said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend catching up with your friend and spending time together.
Sorry to hear things are still so painful with your Mum, am thinking of you x
ps hope you got my emails ( one kept bouncing back)

April said...

Hi honey, so sorry to hear that the situation with your mum remains unresolved, but i do think you have done all you can to meet her (more than) halfway and it is up to her now. Try not to let it upset you - easier said than done I know! Hugs!!! Sorry about the stitches too, sounds painful. Glad you had fun with your friend though


April xx

randi said...

The weekend sounds like it was great! Just the respite you needed it seems!

Things Hand Made said...

((((Hugs))) for a difficult time. Hard not to let it hurt.

periwinkle said...

Your knitting is just dinky - so cute. Glad you had a lovely time with your friend, and when she comes back you can do it all again :-)
Lisa x

JuliaB said...

Hello Suzie, I just arrived from French Knots and looking through your lovely blog, this post struck a chord with me. I haven't looked back for the rest of the story (just about to go out) but wanted to just say that your mum is very lucky to have such a loyal and loving daughter. I too have maternal strife for not being the daughter it said on the box but my mum gave up discussions 5 years ago. Luckily I am still in touch with my grandma and so time spent with her is all the more special. Good luck with your continuing "negotiations" I know how difficult it is.

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