Wednesday, 10 September 2008

cup cakes anyone????

The house is so silent, its also a huge mess after the summer, its kind of creepy,I miss the endless shouts of Mom can you, Mom will you...I roam from room to room with an ache inside I can not describe.  The post holiday blues are well and truly kicking in, it happens every year.
I have a head full of ideas and a sketch book of drawings filled with ideas of things I want to try, yet here I am feeling lost... I need to get a grip,  I WILL sew today, Oh My! it will be the first time in six weeks I have sewn on my machine!
I spent most of my creative time knitting, its easier to fit in around the children, you can pick it up and put it down quite easily, especially the cupcakes, I think I can make these in my sleep now, these are the latest batch, a few more changes, I am not so sure about the well, looks a bit like... Oh I shall leave that up to your imagination.
SO already I am missing the beach, sitting on a deserted beach when everyone has gone home and just looking out to the splendor of the sea, the sheer size and power of it thrill and scare me at the same time, last weekend I watched two lone surfers in wild waves, the sky was grey and the rain was the kind of see through rain that without you knowing it soaks you to the skin, the surfers battled against the elements for a few moments of triumph when they finally caught a good wave...thrilling to watch.
So whilst it rains, and rains... all the more reason t0 spend some time in my sewing room today, I have a bag I am putting together...a bag that marks the change of the seasons, its roomy in design and will suit my life style and once made it will no doubt be filled with the usual bits of Mothering nonsense that seem to collate in each bag I own, a couple of toy cars, little pencils and a pad, wet wipes and tissues and the lipstick that loses its top and get covered in crumbs despite having no crumbs in my bag???...I love being a MOM!!!

Personal...(off topic)
Thank you so much for your comments and personal emails yesterday about my hospital appointment...The appointment went well.   I had minor surgery... what can I say, maybe you can learn from my error... As a child I remember my Mom always telling me to get my face out of a book and get some sun on it, a tan was healthy and the knowledge we have about the sun today was not widely known to my parents generation, so I burnt and burnt yearly as a child under the suns rays, then as a teenager sunbed salons became the thing to do, so I followed the trend and spent a good few years using sunbeds, I burnt once under these rays so bad I blistered... Then I went to work in Europe and spent most of my time outdoors using factor 4 suncream, which then, was thought of as quite a high factor as various people still used coconut oil.  I am fair skin, blue eyes, I freckle, my skin is covered in little moles, which might sound unattractive but I kind of like them.  So I am a big girl now and I have the knowledge about the dangers of the sun my parents generation did not have... my boys are smeared in suncream and its reapplied every few hours, we avoid the mid day sun and I try and keep hats on them, as for me I use sun protection all year round, I have sun damaged skin and I want to stop it getting worse, factor thirty+ for me, I go and have my skin checked yearly after I had a skin scare.  So this year was no exception, only this year I did not get the all clear... so I sit here a little less of me than when I last blogged... Ouch it feels like bee stings...and really does not look pretty, its a preventative option and I am blessed I have that option... But if I knew then what I know now, I would not allow my skin to burn, I never even went brown...  Now I use a high factor suncream and apply it regularly I get the healthy look, but the damage is done for me, maybe not for you though...

Time for some sewing....


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I'm the same as you - English rose with blue eyes, pale skin, freckles and moles in abundance. It just worries me that I have so many, I can't tell if I've got any new ones or if any are going a bit 'funny'.
Glad you got your little blighter sorted :o).
Can't wait to see the bag.

Charlie P said...

Those cupcakes are fab! Really cute :)
It's good to hear that your skin has been sorted out early too and good to know that the doctors are keeping an eye on you.
Now, get to work on that bag, we're dying to see it!

the flour loft said...

Hi Suzie,
my youngest has a fair completion like you so we are extra careful to heed all the advice that is now available. I am pleased that you are ok and that the procedure was preventative... i expect that you are a little sore though and deserve some real cupcakes to eat.(love the colours of your knitted ones).
Hope you have managed some sewing today... i am cleaning out the fridge.... maybe some sewing for me tomorrow...
warm wishes
ginny x

the pesky bombolino said...

I love the cupcakes!
I'm adjusting to my littlest going off to school and all the free time it brings too. I've been enjoying the free time but making sure when they get home we do some fun things like cooking together. I have to admit I enjoy my girls much more when I don't have to listen to them fighting all day and I'm infinitely more patient now!
It's good to hear you're ok, I'm like you and your readers, fair skinned but well educated in the dangers of the sun when it comes to my children, thank goodness!

driftwood said...

ouch, hope you feel better soon, and thankfully you go regularily so that it didn't develop into anything more serious. take care xx

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

I read your blog post, and then I read Lisa's blog-post .... are you two sisters or something?
(Look at her photo!)

quiltdude said...

Hi Suzie,
glad all went well today if a little painful. You're so sensible to get checked out, catching the dreaded "C" before it catches you is so wise. Fingers crossed for the future.
Loving the cup cakes, can't wait to see the new sewing projects.
X Clare

Ragged Roses said...

So pleased to hear that you are okay, good advice.

I was thinking of you when I wrote my summer holidays post, I knew you would be hearing the silence too!
I love the cupcakes and hope the sewing made today a little easier for you

Lesley said...

It's very scary just how lax we used to be about skin care in the sun! I'm glad your appointment went ok and that you got checked out early.

I'm feeling like a very bad mother as I'm quite happy my two are back at school! I loved (most of) the holidays but I needed some me-time by the end!

Your summer does sound lovely :)


Shawn Mary said...

I am so glad you are OK.

I too had some basil cell skin cancer removed about 2 weeks ago...40 stitches later (tucked into my hairline) and can hardly see the scar.

I'm so glad you use sunscreen on the kids's a battle at my house, but a must have.

XX Shawn Mary

Kitty said...

Glad it went ok today Suzie - I was thinking of you. I had a mole checked out once - it's a weird shape, and darker at the edges - all the things they tell you are dangerous. They looked and they looked (under a magnifying thingy) and then said 'it's fine!' ... I was so relieved.

You take care. x

French Knots said...

I'm glad you are ok and that preventative measures have been taken. My husband has a few odd looking moles on his back that I keep a close eye on.
I'm finding the house and my days empty too at the moment, hopefully we will regain our equilibrium.x

April said...

hope you're feeling better soon

April xx

Lin said...

Its such a good job you have had the thing removed now. Its so important to check skin. I am a moley type too and used to sunbathe, not now though!
Your cakes are a treat!

periwinkle said...

Your cupcakes are lovely - I know what you were of thinking though:-) I have a couple of moles on my face that I keep meaning to get checked out - first thing tomorrow I'll make an appointment, I promise. Glad to hear you are okay.
Lisa x

Jane said...

Hi Suzie, glad you are ok hope the soreness wears off soon. hope you get lots of love and tlc to make you feel better too. Thankfully our family is mostly olive skin, We still use the suncream. My mother and eldest daughter are fair and have to be careful. Loving your little cupcakes. Jane x

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi Suzie,I totally understand what you have been through.I had two ops on my face in April and May to remove a "freckle" that had lived there for ten years!It's left me with a scar but atleast it's gone now.Keep thinking of those good times you've had in abundance,they will keep the autumn chills at bay x

dottycookie said...

I missed your post of a coupleof days back, but I hope you're feeling better now and it's good to hear you're being kept an eye on! A good warning - I burned on the back of my legs for the first time in about 14 years this summer and how stupid did I feel? Never again.

Looking forward to seeing the bag!

modelwidow said...

Just catching up - oh for the benefit of hindsight, I too suffer at the hands of the dermatologist because of my Mums lack of awareness of the suns effects. As you say, thank goodness we have the option of precautionary removal. I hope you are feeling much more comfortable very soon.