Saturday, 14 June 2008

Feeling creative...

Guess what...the computer has been down its been a little slow around here on the posting front...let me assure you the frustration of it all is getting the better of me....saying that though it has meant that the free time has been spent catching up on the sewing and a little knitting... Remember this post right at the end, the photo of the two fabrics, the possibilities ended up being my summer bag, which is already getting plenty of use, the little flower just finishes it off and means I can co-ordinate the bag with any jacket by unpinning the flower off the bag and wearing it on my jacket...
It has been madness around here, the various failings continue, all silly little things but enough to rock the boat a little. This weekend it was the local Summer fair, usually I work in the craft room, as I had no babysitter for the children this year I chose to put my own kids first and go as a participant with them. I have volunteered in the craft room for nearly five years now so I was feeling a little odd about it all and not involved, so I put together a craft activity, a pile from my stash of card making. Also I agreed to bake lots for the cake stall...

So I dragged the children shopping for the baking goodies then I spend an evening baking. My older one asked me why I do this? We had a chat and I said 'You should be pleased that Mommy does this to help out the community that you are part off' I thought this would be a good example for him, his reply 'I do like it Mommy, but it means you do not play with us' Let me tell you this upset me. I was late arriving to the fair because of another 'Suzie Sews household glitch' plus I had a good old chat with my mate on the other side of the world which did cheer me up a little...
I ran into the fair to the cake stand and I was greated in complete innocence to the comment of 'Oh no not more cakes'...Yes by this stage I wish I had played with my children. Still for supper we had a few of our cakes for pudding and though I say so myself..very tasty and it made the children very happy.

SO its all going on and not all the way I wish. Its got to the stage that its laughable...I consoled myself this week with catching up on a little patchwork (see pictures) I even labeled all my blocks so I now know how many blocks I have to get done, just over half way through it now...

With the glitches on the computer I am still so behind I have a great Tag to follow up on and just some emails to return and ofcourse some blog reading...I will get round to it, please bear with me and thank you for your supportive comments and emails. Hopefully next week normality will resume...Normality...who am I kidding!!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely to chat yest, Suz...
The bag is FAB...great colours.
Sorry about the cakes - although glad they were enjoyed anyway :)
I found a lovely quote that says; 'Woes have their Ebb as well as Flood''s to a glitch free week next week!!!:)
Lots and lots of hugs

anne bebbington said...

Well if the ungrateful person on the cake stall said that to a few different people she may well find herself with nothing to sell at next year's event - not surprised you wish you hadn't bothered! IMHO of many years experience at such events you can never have too many home-made cakes and I've never yet been on a stall with any left over at the end. Love the bag and the pintucked blocks - chin up, hopefully this next week will be better and it's not long now to the long summer break :o)

nicolette said...

Your bag is lovely Suzie! So clever with the flower you can put on and of!.
When your little boy gets older, he will love his mummy for making a contribution to the community and he will hopefully have learned to do the same. He’s too young to understand that now. So, please don’t feel upset. It’s important for you to have contacts in the community and I think it’s wonderful you spent a whole night baking cakes!
Take care!

Sal said...

I love your sewing,especially the bag,which is gorgeous.

As for the cakes...I don't think I could have kept my tongue quiet if someone had said that to me!!
I think my words would have been (you choose out of these,Suzie):

1. Oh never mind, I am sure you will sell them as they look to be the best here!!

2.Oh dear,are those over there yours? Yes?
I see they didn't rise very well.
Good job I brought mine along.

3. You take mine anyway and shove yours where the sun don't shine!

Some people are so thoughtless eh?
Anyway,you know what to do next year!
Have a good day...Sal;-)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I do hope all the glitches sort themselves out quickly and you have lots of stress- and problem-free time instead! How annoying about the cakes!!! Love the sewing! Lucy x

JuicyFig said...

oooh, if only you had made a custard pie as well!

The bag is gorgeous! I love the colours


Queen of the froggers said...

Your bag is great, such nice colours.

quiltdude said...

I'm sure your cakes were the best ones there and the first to sell, how ungrateful can some people be.
Your summer bags looks beautiful, really bright and sunny.
Just keep smiling and being you, we bloggers love you.
X Clare

Anonymous said...

Oh suzie!!! You poor thing! You domestic godess you - eeeek it is so hard isnt it? Especially when someone makes an innocent comment like that. But on the other hand look at those amazing pictures you have shared with us! That bag is just delicious as is all of the eye candy you have shown us - yummmmmmmmmm! Hope you are feeling better now!!! =)

dottycookie said...

Lovely lovely photos, Suzie!

Boo to the cake stall person - been there, done that with home made cakes and let's just say I will be making more basic ones this time!

Kitty said...

That bag is gorgeous - and what a good idea to make the flower into a pin!

As for that local community fair ... it makes me quite cross. I used to also be one of those who contributed a lot. But in the past couple of years my life has taken over a bit. Good for you for taking part - but I bet you could swing for the cake stall person. What a very silly thing to say! :-O

Those blocks are looking lovely - can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Take care. x

periwinkle said...

Don't let the 'cake person' get to you, even though its hard at the time not too. Hope everything is going a bit better for you know. Keep smiling. Big Hugs
Lisa x

Natasha said...

That bag is amazing Suzie! And those pin tucks are so pretty!!

Sorry about your 'glitchy' week....a little late...i know

Here's to a great Birthday week!!