Thursday, 13 December 2007


Before I type on I wanted to say a heart felt thanks for the beautiful, thoughtful comments and emails about the last post. I Thank You, every comment was so special to me. It is with sadness in our hearts that we have to accept that life now carries on and when children are involved its even more important and to share in the Christmas joy is something that I feel is important. So it finally arrived around here...the Christmas Magic, the tree is up in all its spender, I have a usual tradition of putting on the Christmas music (which I play till all around me scream...NO MORE!!!) I make a pan of Mulled wine and the tree goes up in the evening so that when the children come down on a cold dark morning the house is transformed into a winter wonderland. Oh to see their little faces...well its adorable...
Along with the Christmas Magic comes all that making, I have just about finished all the makes for friends and orders, my poor friends I never know if they think 'Yippee Suzie's being sewing again' or 'Oh no not Suzie's sewing again' So this year I have not made my children's friends much, last year I went into mass production of appliqued T'shirts, I have however made the Mom's a little something. So now I am free to make the nice stuff, the ones without the Pokemon Quilt for one of my children and a Moo cow for the other. I also want to make a few other little projects...Christmas mice and I am itching to have ago at fabric apples and pears...don't ask!!! SO Christmas Makes...Glue Gun at the ready and the buttons lay all around. Actually I miss lead you with this picture of my button wreath, I made it last year with a rather odd looking reindeer as its centre!!! But never fear a few more are getting made.
You just can not beat Red Gingham at Christmas, I adore gingham any time but red in December is positively essential around here. SO a few little ornaments that take moments for the tree, pretty effective, especially when the sparkly lights shine on them. Also for those moments when the kids have got 'tinsel fever' and you need to get them to focus...go pick a cookie cutter and make cookies...
Talking of which my older child and I like a bit of cookie making...sorry about the picture my camera is playing up when on close up...Ahhhh Santa PLEASE bring me a new camera...I have been such a good girl!!!!
These cookies are so easy...melted chocolate on baking paper...a big dollop of chocolate and push in a cherry and two silver balls (eatable ones) almonds for ears and curly wurly bits for the antlers...let them cool and there you are...full of sugar and all things unhealthy...YUMMY!!! AHHHHHH the panic is setting in...there are parcels to be wrapped and taken to the post office, gifts to be delivered, get together's to be arranged and cards to be sent out...I have a little help with the hand made cards this all know Monkee Maker and her famous 007, well look what I got...two fab packs...they are adorable, funny and a little naughty...I know who I am sending each one of them to...Thanks Kerry.

So its a busy busy time. We must stop and make time for the people that are important to us, I had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend this last weekend, my knitting partner who moved away in January came over to stay with her gorgeous baby, you know when you have a good friendship when you don't clean up before they arrive...Sorry Caroline...did you really think things would change because you have been away for a year?

I got to see another old friend too...the best man at my Wedding came over and we had dinner with the children...I am also thinking of my friend and her family in Australia, this time last year they came to stay with us for a week, she is now living the dream, travelling, home schooling and many exciting plans for their future...Miss you Kate...Happy Birthday my soul mate all the way over there on other side of the world, if your reading this...Ring me when you can, guess who lost your contact number???


Tracy said...

Glad the glow and glitter of Christmas has your stepping a little lighter this week. Loved seeing all your decorating and the cakes. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Lesley said...

I'm sorry it has been such a hard week for you. The Christmas decorations are lovely and will no doubt help to lift your spirits.

Queen of the froggers said...

Your tree looks lovely. I hope you enjoy your christmas, I look forward to seeing the finished Pokemon quilt!

French Knots said...

I love red and white gingham at Christmas too, it looks so festive.
Hope the growing excitment helps you through.x said...

What fun decorations! I can't wait to have little ones to share my christmas with!

Ragged Roses said...

Sorry to hear how hard it's been for you and everyone this week. Glad you were able to decorate the tree and enjoy some of the holiday fun with your children. Take care

Monkee Maker said...

I really like your idea of decorating when the children are in bed .... especially the part about the mulled wine!!

And I'm so glad you like the cards :)

Also, loving that button decoration - it looks fantastic.

Here's wishing you a very happy christmas, despite the recent upsets you've been through