Sunday, 23 December 2007

One more day to go....

What a whirl wind this Christmas has been to just seems to have been rush rush unlike me...I do not feel Christmassy at all, I think the materialistic side has gotten hold of everyone around one has time for friends and everyone is just so busy shopping...So I am planning on a quite Christmas Eve, no big party this year as most people are too busy doing their own thing, I hope to get some crafting done with the kids...To keep my fix of making stuff and chasing away the materialistic side of the Christmas period, I got busy on the teachers gifts. You know they must get so many Mugs and box of chocolates, not that there is anything wrong with that...I just thought I might do something a little different for them!!! SO something easy and practical that looked pretty...tissue off I went into production of these little things...(see above picture)
I wanted to make a little extra gift for my little ones I finally put into use the tins that I was given with a comment of 'Your crafty...what can you do with these?' Well I turned them into storage pots (no big creative idea there then) with a little fabric label for them to fill in, a couple of little birds and...a tissue holder each!!!I really enjoyed making these and using up my scraps of fabric, they are double sided so I played about with some interesting fabric combinations. I wrapped them all up with pretty paper and a little handmade card to go with each of them. I hope they liked them, as they had been made with love and each teacher in mind when it came to the colour selection..
Well look what I got in the post, nothing is nicer than a surprise gift, Vintage Heaven had won a giveaway of mine then went on a, too long, blog break...this was a little thank you from her, so cute and I love the colours...I am very thankful and I hope this means she is back to blogging...she has been missed.
Now then, for me to leave the countryside and venture into the city is a BIG thing especially on my own. Well I did it!!! All the shopping was done, I just wanted to get my Christmas candles from Muji so I took a train ride and 'hit the city' sadly Muji has closed down, so I took a good walk round, amazing how far you can get without the little ones with you...I wondered around the German Christmas markets, I took a few pictures, I liked the shot with all the blue sky and the white metal work of the ride. I was pleased to get the very last copy in the shop of the Christmas Martha Stewart magazine...which is now so well flicked through it is now shabby! A good sign of a treasured read.
Of course a trip to the city would not be complete without your Starbucks coffee and cake a Christmas flavoured one at that...Being without my little ones I took my coffee on to the train, settled down with my IPOD and my knitting...Ahhh bliss! best part of the trip!

So its one more day to go, I am just about organised, I just want more time with my children, I have already had one of my little ones upset because he did not have me to himself all day with my Mom coming up, so I guess the excitement is on overload at the moment. I am thinking of the sadness some people feel at this time of year, it should be a joyous time, a time for peace, loving and kindness...I wish you all this and good health...take some time over the next couple of days to remember the reason for this season and share in its joy and promise. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas filled with all you desire, and if you don't get that I wish you good sense of humour;-)


Monkee Maker said...

Hi Suzie,

What lovely gifts you've been making for the teachers, I'm sure they'll be touched.

And the photo of the fairground ride? Stunning.

Have a great Christmas with your boys, and see you next year :)

driftwood said...

lovely teacher gifts!
have a magical Christmas xx

lucykate crafts... said...

merry christmas, have a lovely day, x.

Ragged Roses said...

What lovely pressies for the teachers. they must have been very grateful for those! I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy, peaceful, healthy and crafty New Year
Thanks for your kind comments too!

Kitty said...

Beautiful gifts - lovely photographs.

I hope you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful Christmas time :-) x

julie said...

Hi Suzie, hope you're enjoying your quiet Christmas eve and that you have a fab time over the christmas break. All the very best too for a very happy 2008 x

salgull said...

A very Happy Christmas!..I look forward to reading more of your lovely blog, next year;-)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

stopping in to wish you a Merry Christmas from Creative Blogs.

wool food mama said...

Everything is so amazing. I love the little labels on the teacher gifts.

Your work is so inspiring. I'm determined to make an embroidered pillow of Dane's art too.

Happy Holidays.