Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Happy Feet

Thank you, Thank you for all the comments yesterday, I really appreciated the fact that you took the time to type these comments, it has certainly given me food for thought and as it is an on going issue for me I shall keep you informed, any view points on the subject are more than welcome.
So it was parents evening last night for my oldest child. Bless him, he was nervous and first thing this morning he asked me how he got on. He was greeted with a big smile form me telling him that I could see he had done his best and I was so very pleased. As children do he enjoyed the moment for two seconds then asked for a piece of fruit!!!

I did find out that once again he is having another new teacher next school year, and by that I mean a not quite qualified teacher, our school, being a very small village school, has little to no money and can not afford qualified teachers...this sounds terrible but the school has a fabulous feel to it and the children have good manners and its a nice friendly environment. New teachers either are very enthusiastic and therefore prove to be excellent teachers or they have no idea how to relate to children as they have no experience. One of my child's teachers started of a newie and I had so many concerns and rightly so, she taught my child for two years, in this time I watched her find her feet, relax with the children and prove herself to be a most excellent teacher. Yet more to think about... Anyway one of the joys of parents evening is reading your child's work, totally uninfluenced by Mom, my personal favourites are the RE books and Literature books. In his RE book he had drawn a picture of heaven and in a speech bubble he had written 'Grandad please do not forget me' as my Dad passed away over a year ago now you can imagine how my heart skipped a beat and I had to quickly turn the page to stop the tears.
In the literature he had written a story about Mommy. He had listed all the points about his Mom (ME)...It went something like this...
My Mom gives me cuddles
My Mom makes me yummy food
My Mom reads me stories
My Mom rides my bike with me
My Mom watches TV with me
My Mom cuddles me
My Mom tucks me up in bed
My Mom makes me giggle
My Mom knits me toys
My Mom sews me toys

Suzie Take the smile off you face you look silly. Seriously how cute is that, what praise is that??? I am one Happy Mommy today I can tell you.
SO I thought I would share with you the Happy Feet, yep we got some sunshine yesterday, not for long as the rain came down, but enough to put on my sparkly open shoes. With the sunshine it means outdoor play so my boys played with their new love...Marbles, Oh how Mom loves the pretty marbles!!! At last I found a use for the Batman fabric I bought a few months ago, the boys are loving their marble bags. It would not be complete whilst talking about outside play without a picture of Archie, he has been so fed up stuck in doors and he sooooo misses the company of us all. So here he is soaking up the rays in his usual chilled out manner whilst keeping a close eye on the piggies (Charlie and Lola) as they hurtle around their outdoor run. Look at the the length of the grass...that's a job for for today.


Caroline said...

I love your shoes !!!!!!!!!!!Glad to hear that last night went well for you - what fab writing eh? I can well imagine you being rightly pleased about that.

Sarah and Jack said...

I think I was at my best when I was a brand new teacher. I had loads of enthusiasm and a real drive to do right by the kids which more than made up for my inexperience with issues like discipline. Too often around here long term teachers become jaded.

capello said...

love the marble bags. AND the marbles. geesh, those are pretty!

Ragged Roses said...

What a lovely mummy you are - you have every right to feel proud too! Hope the teacher is good next year for you. Playing marbles in the garden, it must be summer!
Kim x

Barbara said...

What a great list from your son and what a great Mummy you are.
The storms certainly came yesterday, see my laest blog post. Poor garden.

Alison said...

It is nice to have a bit of sunshine for a change.
I bet you are as proud as punch!
Alison x

Lucy Locket said...

What a lovely description of his Mom! When my husband was 40 (a few years ago) I made him an album of thousand s of family photos and asked the girls to think about what they loved about their daddy - the answers were beautiful.

sarah said...

Those are quite possibly the best sandals of all time. And the skirt is lovely too!

anne bebbington said...

It's often an eye-opener reading their school books at parents evening - I miss those wonderful Key Stage One remarks. I always feel quite relieved if any of my kids get a teacher who is new to the school - by my way of reckoning if they're not keen to succeed then they never will be!

Lynette said...

Brought a tear to my eye too reading the story about the picture os heaven. I also like the mummy list too, you should feel proud.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I guess you are feeling better today! Very sweet post.
Love the photos.

Papoosue said...

Doesn't your son's list show just what a lovely mummy you must be!

weirdbunny said...

LOve your brightly painted toe nails !