Friday, 27 July 2007

Doll Quilt

Wow, take a look at this beauty, I am so impressed, its stunning. I adore the colours, they are so not what I would pick and yet I love them. I think this is one of the things I like about this swap as it really does open you up to some new things. My beautiful quilt is made by the very talented Sara from Odd Dotty Dollymaker. Her work is really good and it was all wrapped up with a lovely matching bow. What I am very impressed with is the fact that she bothered to take inspiration from my own blog. My love of she really thought this one through. I love the hand stitching for the steam of the tea. Their is a funny story about this quilt. I was reading the update on the Doll quilts and saw this one posted (click over there and check them all out) I went over to her blog and commented on the fact that the recipient should be a very happy person, it must have made her giggle as it was on its way to me!!! So I think it was all meant to be.
I understand my quilt has arrived as I have been eagerly checking out her blog as she is in the middle of moving and I was scared it might get lost between addresses. Anyway I am very happy with mine and I think I will be popping over to Sara's blog more as its got some cool stuff going on. Thanks Sara, your a star!!! Go and log on to her blog to see the full impact of this quilt, I was to eager to photograph it before I unwrapped it and put it in its place of honour in my sewing room! Its worth it I promise she has lovely pictures of the back and the beautiful bow...
Well we are still soaking over here, the rain just keeps on coming. Here is a snap shot of all my lovely summer dresses which I am not getting to wear!!! This is the first year for many years I have been able to wear dresses, having breastfed both my babes for a long time, this is the first year of not doing so, so I have really made the most of wearing dresses...I would just rather wear them with summer shoes and not boots or worse yet Wellies!!!
Oh for some sunshine, everyone I know is in a real moody groove, when the sun shines things just seem so much is summer after all!!! The mad thing is we still have water shortages!!!


capello said...

what? how can you have water shortages with all that rain?

and oh my, yes, that is a lovely quilt!

GigerVamp said...

What a lovely quilt.

Summer dresses. Hah! I've bought a few this year, as well as skirts and summery tops (my first designated summer stuff ever-I normally just wear t-shirts and combat trousers) Still waiting to wear them. Was wondering if I should just put 'em away for next year. Looks like there might be some dry days next week tho.

de vliegende koe said...

On the newes I’ve seen nasty things happening in the UK due to the wheather. We feel so sorry for all of you! We have another day of sunshine today, so we feel very fortunate. Not a real summer though. I keep my fingers crossed for you!

odd dotty said...

Thank you for all the lovely things you said. I am soooooo happy you like it!

I love your sundresses, but am sad that you haven't had the weather to wear them.

Soo said...

what a beautiful quilt! fingers crossed for sunny days.