Friday, 18 May 2007

Putting my foot in it!

Well after the success of the the trousers and by that I am not complimenting my own work, I mean how happy they made my wee man. I actually did use up some of the bits of fabric left over and made a couple of embellished Tee's. We went with white and navy. I copied a pattern pocket so it was nice and neat. The buttons came from my Mother in law, when she passed away I got lots of lovely sewing treats. They are the cutest little while rabbits and I have wanted to use them for a while. The card said they came from WHSmiths, I never knew they once sold this kind of stuff.
I am sure you are aware how I love my machine, well there are still a few things I have not used or are a little unsure to use. Only once before have I used the button hole maker foot and I adore my button foot, this saves so much time, especially when you have numerous buttons to sew on. So I had a little time to play so I got them out and as if by magic...perfect (well as perfect as I can manage) they did the job just great. I am so loving this button hole foot, I hated it on my last machine it took for ever and had rubbish results.
So there you have this weeks 'makes' a groovy pair of trousers and two matching Tee's. The knitting's coming on, the front of the tank top is finished and I am half way through the back. As for the other WIP, the quilt, Mmmm I am having fun with this, regret buying cheap padding as it is not going through the quilting foot very well, its been unpicked a few times, I also have no quilt pins to hold it together well, I think I might have to resort to tacking...Ek!
Managed a little bit of gardening yesterday, in the rain...I did my daily blog reading and I got quite giddy when I saw what French Knots had come up with. The tea cup idea is real cool! Now I have a lot of tea cups, I have a bit of a thing for them, but none I wanted to fill with soil, so I paid a visit to three charity shops in our village and eventually came up with these sweet ones (I also got a lovely skirt, an embroidered Victorian style nightdress, a hand made crochet bed jacket and some smurf dolls for my boys-I used to collect these when I was little). Its funny I did not want the saucers so I asked if they wanted to keep them and sell them on. He said I am sure we could come up with a price for just the cups. The teacups has been priced at 50p for the three, he them charged me 75p, I questioned this (embarrassed as it was all ready ridiculously cheap) but he was very confident and said no it was 50p a cup and saucer. On returning home the label said 75p for a set of three. It was nothing to do with the money I just felt a bit, well, stupid really. Anyway are they not just super? I think they look very good around the table. Thanks French Knots, I have a feeling these might be popping up all over the place, a 100% of the credit to you, she has such good ideas.

Have a great weekend, I am off to pull together an outfit for my child's Drama class tonight and prepare lunch for eight hungry people...

Please Note Sorry about the pictures, the colour is not good, I think we are about to have a storm its so dark here and its only 10.30am


Rebecca said...

The trousers and matching tees are so cute! And congrats on your new piggies, too, by the way.

I am loving all the good things being done with tea cups these days. The planters are another great idea!

andsewtosleep said...

Lovely top to go with those cool trousers. You'll have orders coming through the door! Yes I love the teacup idea too. Mary

Caroline said...

Love the idea of the matching top - so simple and so effective too. My little girlie is going to have a t-shirt to match her trousers when I get them done - thanks for the idea!

julia said...

I haven't got around to using all the "extras" on my machine, to be honest I'm a bit scared!

Love the teacups idea, but do the plants not drown without drainage? Any tips welcome.

Julia x

Vintage to Victorian said...

I'm so glad you stopped by to say hello. Don't the teacups look lovely. I bought some in an auction yesterday (having told myself I don't need china!) which would look good planted.

Hope to see you again, and I shall certainly pop in to see you.


lazylol said...

I love the teacups, you are very creative.

Jo said...

I'm blushing!
Your violas look lovely in the teacups. Bet your little dude loves the matching tee!