Thursday, 8 February 2007


Here is the coat plus matching mittens and a shy boy... Here is the back, my older child said he looked liked a little pixie!
This is what I finished off last night, another block for my quilt, this was by far my favourite one to do.
This is my half term 'quick knit' project. I bought a pair of these gloves with the mitten bit at Christmas. They started to fall apart and I wanted to prove to myself I could do a better job. I have cheated a bit and bought self striping wool.
The snow is falling today and we have had a weather warning about only going out if we need to!So it looks like more snow is on its way. Better get the sledge out.


sarah said...

I love the coat! LOVE! I want one. It looks so warm and cozy and soft. Look at those curls poking out of the hood. Priceless.

beki said...

Oh my, that coat is adorable!

Anonymous said...

That cardie looks absolutely fabulous, especially with the matching mitts

julie said...

Great coat - I love the pointy hood and the colour is perfect. Lovely Rowan yarn for your mittens - they'll look beautiful.

Barbara said...

Hi! Suzie
I'm Jane's Mum (From under the Maple Tree) and I just love these fingerless gloves made all the more fun with the wool you used.I am book marking your site. I will be putting some knitting projects on my new site in the near future (Ramblings from an English garden)